Sunday, October 10, 2010

About us and our first meeting

First of all, let me introduce ourselves. We are a group of university students in Sri Lanka who have got together and decided to start a forum to discuss natural sciences and philosophy with the ultimate goal of contributing to the advancement of natural sciences and philosophy.
As students studying science, we are kind of lost in the sense where we are headed to in the filed of our interest. It is evident that continuous discussions, arguments and challenges are essential in advancing science and philosophy. However, nowadays we do not see such a trend amongst the undergraduates in Sri Lanka. Science students often discuss everything but science. This effort is to deviate from the current trend and create an arena to discuss ideas related to science and philosophy.

Three of us who meets almost everyday at lunch discussed this situation for about two to three months. After successful discussions we decided to ask the academic staff for help. With their encouragement we were able to call our first meeting.

Our Society and Its Subculture

In our meetings and discussions there are two ground rules. 

  1. All things discussed must contribute to the advancement of natural science or philosophy.
  2. All members can speak freely. (as long as what they speak fulfills our first ground rule)        

We get together every week to discuss a pre-proposed topic. One of us, proposes the topic. and the others, having done a background research on the topic, challenge or strengthen the points the presenter proposes. Further, we try to reach the shoulders of giants i.e. we discuss the history of sciences and philosophy and acknowledge the value of their contribution to their respective fields. 

(This is the summary of what we discussed at our first session)


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  2. "the mindless pietism of vulgar Christianity" very interesting , can you please eleborate more on this as we could get few blinds to light.
    Dr. Narayana